Livesite Editor

What is Livesite Editor?

With LiveSite editor, Publisher offers website editors possibility to manage and manupulate containers and widgets web page is built of, directly on frontend. Yes, this means that when such person is authenticated, page structure will get interactive and tool pallettes will appear.

Editing content directly in frontend

So when website editor with such privileges authenticates, page structure gets interactive in a way that containers that exist on it are marked with descrete border and label. On hover action, also widgets are marked in different colour, and both containers and widgets configuration button can activate modal dialog with options.

Options when live-editing containers are

  • add new widget to container (possible types of widgets to add are: Content List Widget, HTML Widget, Google Adsense Widget, Menu Widget)
  • remove widget from container
  • re-order widgets inside container

Options when live-editing widgets are

  • edit widget name
  • depending on widget type, different fileds will be editable. For example: - for Menu Widget, dropdown to chose which menu to link to the widget, and template name of the template that will be used to create menu - for HTML widget, text area with html code

Livesite Editor interface

Interface for LiveSite editor is fairly simple; editing is turned on (again, only for authorized users) by pressing the top-left corner button - it reveals top toolbar with options to jump between live site and current revision, as well as publish buttons which deploys applied changes to the live site.

LiveSite editor Toolbar

In the same time, as toolbar is activated, containers become marked and interactive on hover, showing widget’s borders and label.

LiveSite editor - container and widget marked by border and labe

Clicking on edit icon next to container label opens options modal

LiveSite editor - modal dialogue showing container properties

Clicking on edit icon next to widget label opens options modal

LiveSite editor - modal dialogue showing HTML widget properties