Managing of the websites and routes

When Publisher is installed, it is integrated in Superdesk and it expects output channels (or, in other words - websites) to be set - it is already mentioned in Configuring Publisher.

Main concepts are:

  • there can be more than one websites that you can configure and feed from Superdesk
  • each website is configured firstly by its routes; routes can be of type collection and content.
Web Sites and Routes

Route of type collection is expected to get articles attached to it - think of it as some kind of category page (Business, or Politics, or simply News). When configuring such route, you need to also specify article template name - the one that will be used to show articles attached to that route.

Creating a route

Route of type content is the end of the road - it holds the content! No articles are attached to it! So it can be either some special template (contact form, confirmation page, or simply a route that doesn’t directly hold attached articles, like ‘home’ route for example).