Configuring Publisher

Now that you have a working instance of Superdesk Publisher, you need to secure and configure it before deploying to a production environment. This guide will walk you through securing several components of Publisher.

The Configuration File

Publisher’s main configuration file is /var/www/publisher/.env. This file is tracked in source control and contains the default configuration values for Publisher. Edits SHOULD NOT be made directly to this file. Rather, create a new file called .env.local in /var/www/publisher and add your custom values there. To start, let’s switch the Publisher environment from dev to prod and turn off debug mode. Edit /var/www/publisher/.env.local and add the following values:


You can view /var/www/publisher/.env for a full list of configurable values.


You can create environment-specific configuration by creating .env files with a naming scheme of .env.$APP_ENV.local.

Another important configuration option is your SWP_DOMAIN. Add it to your .env.local:


Add an App Secret

Your app secret is by default set to a static value and checked-in to source control. You must change your app secret to secure your Publisher instance. You can use a service like Nux to generate a random secret key. Once you have your secret key, add it to your .env.local:


Secure your Database

If you followed the Publisher installation guide found in this documentation, your database is currently open to the internet without a password.

First, require all users use password authentication to log in to PostgreSQL. Using the same method you used in the installation guide, edit pg_hba.conf and change all trust values to md5.

Next, add a password to your root PostgreSQL account.

Once your root user has a password, update the connection string by adding to your .env.local:


Reload the PostgreSQL pg_hba.conf:

psql -t -P format=unaligned -c 'select pg_reload_conf()';

Finally, refresh the publisher cache:

php bin/console cache:clear

For added security, you can create a new PostgreSQL user with limited permissions.

Configure Publisher Through Superdesk

Publisher integrates into Superdesk simply by adding new option Publisher Settings to its main left-hand sidebar navigation.

Publisher Settings option

This option, when chosen, opens Publisher configuration which allows configuring one or more websites. Setting a website actually means defining routes, creating navigation menus (whose menu items are linked to these routes), and creating content lists.

Detailed explanation of website management steps can be found in chapter Admin interface