Welcome to Superdesk Publisher documentation

The next-generation publishing platform for newsrooms

Superdesk Publisher is a lightweight open source renderer for news articles and other content delivered via an API feed. The code is released under the GNU Affero General Public Licence, version 3.

Publisher is designed to work with the Superdesk newsroom management system from Sourcefabric, but it can also be adapted to work with any compatible API. Publisher is a lightweight PHP 7 renderer for HTTP-pushed content in HTML/CSS/JavaScript templates, and it runs on a standard web server or in a Docker container. A PostgreSQL database is also required.

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The presentation of articles is taken care of by a flexible, device-responsive themes system, which can be customised to suit your publications.

This documentation includes text and code examples from the Symfony and Sylius projects, released under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 licence. Pull requests to improve the documentation are welcome.