Superdesk Publisher: 360° digital output on an industrial scale

Publisher is the latest tool made for the Superdesk newsroom suite. It publishes multimedia content across multiple outputs, from websites to apps to outdoor displays to social media, and allows simultaneous, centralised monitoring and management of all of your assets.

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Publisher is designed to complement Superdesk, which already powers content creation, production, distribution and curation at media businesses such as global news agencies and print/online newspapers. Superdesk is a structured-data polyglot and converses in formats as diverse as the legacy ANPA 1312 all the way to media-rich NewsML G2. But Publisher can also be extended to handle content created in third-party systems, even in exotic, custom formats.

We encourage any media outfit dealing with multiple outputs, platforms and channels to investigate the power of Publisher. Whether you author and produce content in Superdesk or not, Publisher gives you the real-time multi-tenancy overview you need to ensure that it performs optimally, everywhere.